The firm metal carb, from years in the field of metal cutting with removal of shaving, produces and sells tools, saw blades and inserts.

The first firm all over the world to use the COMBIDENT VARIABLE PITCH in the cutting process with circular saws, it has devised and developed the new variable pitch called VPD (Variable Progressive Degreesing).The variable pitch that everybody knows has a constant increment that in some cases can prime a harmful frequency during the cutting process, , as often it happens using the fixed pitch.

The VPD instead is single and special variable pitch since it is based on a decreasing mathematical progression that avoids whichever critical frequency in the cutting process. (all the teeth are different among each other).
The VPD, in its oneness, is diveded into three kinds of pitch:

1) pitch A 8
2) pitch A 6
3) pitch A 4

Many are the factors that influence the choice of the type of pitch to use; the following are the most important:

• the type of material to cut
• the size, the section and the shape of the material
• the cutting speed to use
• the type of used machine

Specialized technicians of metal carb will advise of time in time, accordingly to the requirements of the Customer, which VPD should be used (if 4, 6 or 8), the more appropriated cutting angles, rake, speed and progress.